Jason Markk - Quick Wipes - 3 Pack


  • Keep your sneakers looking fresh daily with our 3 Pack Quick Wipes, perfect for convenient on-the-go cleaning. Each box contains 3 individually wrapped wipes, ensuring you have plenty for your daily shoe cleaning needs. Our iconic Quick Wipe has been optimized for superior performance, now 30% larger with a 50% height increase in the raised dot texture, delivering unmatched cleaning power. Paired with Jason Markk's shoe cleaning solution, each wipe provides unbeatable cleaning ability.
  • Designed for durability, our wipes can tackle even the most difficult stains. The dual-textured material ensures maximum cleaning power, making it easy to keep a Quick Wipe in your pocket, purse, or gym bag for whenever you need it. Perfect for fashion-forward individuals who want to maintain their sneaker game, our Quick Wipes are available at Future RFRNCE in Arizona. Stay fresh and clean every day with our superior Quick Wipes.
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